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October 09, 2008


Kate O'Leary

as I have stated before - Ayers can be overcome - Obama was eight - it is not going to be focused on my the mainstream media who at this point are the ones where the independents are turning for their information

Palin is and was fatal to McCain - she will be the one that lands the blow that knocks McCain out - you know your markets - I live in mainstream, middle America on Main Street and what I must tell you from my view Sarah Palin is not a member of our community no matter how many times she says "gotcha" and winks.

I hear that fox is going to have a few interesting people on their roundtable tomorrow - I was not able to catch all names but I remember thinking I needed to turn in there was one guy who totally got my attention - brillant and has really shown he knows what he is talking about - I wish I could remember his name

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