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December 29, 2008


a big fan

very interesting blog - bubble in treasuries was a new idea for me as well as TBT (will look it up). I took a small position in gld two weeks ago on your recommendation. What a wonderful moment if you 70% up in the market prediction for 2009 is realized. Do you have some ideas on home health companies? Happy New Year to Irish Lightning and all your followers.


Obama is becoming a conservative because of his daily terrorism briefings - these would make anyone conservative

oil - if Israel/Gaza lasts longer then another ten days - oil is going up and seeing as this is what Iran, Russia and other oil countries want I would not be surprised if this conflict last longer then ten days - you have the "president" of Iran calling on all Muslims to protect Gaza - it is one more excuse for Amaninjhad (sp) to get involved in places where he does not belong

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